Refer Our Artisans & Earn Residual Income

Creatives can tap into a unique stream of residual referral income by connecting their network to candle makers, pastry chefs, and fragrance makers. Artistpreneurs Ink's artisan referral platform includes a strategic partnership with Pastry Peaks, Custom Branded Candles and a selected group of fragrance makers.

Pastry Peaks

Pastry Peaks works with local pastry chefs to provide them with a consignment opportunity to sell their treats in our booth located in the very popular Arts Market (Riverside) location.

Creatives Can Earn Steady Income By:

Frequent Orders: Baked goods are consumed quickly and frequently. Celebrations like birthdays, graduations, and holidays keep customers coming back for more, ensuring a steady stream of referrals.

Custom Creations: Artists can collaborate with pastry chefs to create custom designs for cakes and pastries, blending their art with culinary creativity. This not only enhances the product but also boosts referrals as people seek unique and personalized treats.

Gifting Trends: Pastries and sweets are popular gifts. By promoting pastry chefs, artists tap into a market where people constantly seek delightful and edible gifts, leading to ongoing referral income.


Custom Branded Candles

Custom Branded Candles works with local handmade candle makers to help generate business for them and payout referral fees on converted business. Candle makers produce items that people repeatedly purchase for various reasons: home ambiance, special occasions, and gifts. Here's how creatives can benefits:

Repeat Purchases: High-quality candles are consumed regularly, especially by those who value a cozy atmosphere. Each time a customer burns through a candle, they return for more, generating consistent referral income for the artist.

Event Essentials: Candles are a staple for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. By referring their network to a candle maker, the artist ensures they receive a commission every time someone from their network buys candles for these events.

Gift Giving: Candles make perfect gifts for any occasion—holidays, anniversaries, or housewarmings. With each purchase, the artist earns a referral fee, making it a year-round income source.

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Fragrance Makers

Our fragrance makers offer top quality products for a fraction of the cost compared to other competitors. The allure of bespoke fragrances and impressions can captivate anyone, making it a perfect referral opportunity for artists. Here's how:

Daily Use Products: Fragrances, whether for personal use or home aromatherapy, are used daily. This means repeat purchases and a continual flow of referral income for the artist.

Event Favors: Custom scents are popular for wedding favors, corporate events, and parties. Artists can recommend fragrance makers for these events, earning commissions each time an order is placed.

Luxury Gifting: Fragrances are a luxurious gift choice. Artists can market these products to their network as premium gifts, ensuring regular referrals throughout the year.

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The Arts Market

The Arts Market offers boutique booth spaces for rent to local artisans and vintage sellers. We have a strong relationship with the Arts Market and currently all of our artisan vendors we work with are also Arts Market vendors. With 4 locations, over 290+ vendors and nearly 3,000 walk-ins per week - the Arts Market has become a very popular destination for gifts and locally made items for Toronto residents and visiting tourists.