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Welcome to Pastry Peaks Online Boutique

Our new online shop gives pastry chefs an additional channel to sell their goods and merchandise, including Edible Merch! We also offer a selection of items from our network of partners and vendors. 

Introducing....Robbie Lawrence AT HOME Scented Candles.

The Artisan Branded Scented Candle Line in partnership with Robbie Lawrence AT HOME is an initiative that helps artists, food artists (chefs & pastry chefs) and other brands leverage an attractive and frequently purchased merchandise option for their business.

This partnership provides artists with a no design fee (in most cases) custom branded soy wax candle line. No minimum order amount
is required by the artist and they can offer their fans (clients or customers) a pre-order option. 

Robbie Lawrence AT HOME is a very popular local handmade scented soy wax candle producer with showroom booths in two Arts Market locations.