About Us

Welcome to Pastry Peaks - a small company with big ideas for local chefs.

Currently our model is very simple - we work with local pastry chefs and provide them with a consignment opportunity to sell their treats in our booth located in the very popular Arts Market - Riverside location. The Arts Market hosts over 195 rental spaces for local artisans and vintage sellers across three locations in Toronto. 
This location generates over 900 walk-ins per week and over 2100 per week across all three stores. With this type of foot traffic among an amazing array of talented local entrepreneurs - we thought it was a great opportunity to showcase the great tasting treats from the food vendors we work with.
So whether you are a seasoned pastry chef looking to expand your reach or a blossoming rookie embarking on a new business venture - our Arts Market booth is a great opportunity to sell your treats.

We're testing, learning and growing. 

Just like any other business that relies on handmade goods, we have our challenges in supply, demand and specifically scaling the business effectively. Ultimately it's tough when the same pair of hands have to make more in order to 'make more money'.
With the help of Artistpreneurs Ink, our consulting partner, we embarked on exploring ideas that could create multiple and ideally passive income streams for us and our food vendors while Helping Them Grow.
So we came up with a couple of ideas that we are testing, learning and growing.  We believe that not only do they naturally complement a chef's business (a key sales driver) but they will also help them: 
  • earn passive referral income AND
  • protect and set up their business for future success effectively.
Introducing Custom Branded Candles and Pre-paid Legal Services with LegalShield.
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