It's Time For A Paradigm Shift

In the ever-evolving landscape of creative entrepreneurship, it's essential to adapt and innovate to thrive.

As creatives, you are dedicated to pursuing perfection that drives your craft forward.
However, in the pursuit of your creative endeavours, have you ever felt constrained by the traditional ways to grow your talent business?

Artistpreneurs Ink helps 'artistic + creative’ entrepreneurs' generate passive income & leverage the right tools and people to grow and safeguard their business!

  • Artisan Vendor Network

    By referring their network to candle makers, pastry chefs, and fragrance makers, creatives can generate a steady flow of residual income.

    The repetitive nature of these purchases, combined with their suitability for all events and gifting, ensures a constant demand. The additional benefits of creative collaborations and cross-promotions further enhance the potential for sustained referral income.

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  • Talent Bookings

    Generating bookings for artists is paramount to their livelihood. Our team connects our talent network with booking opportunities and pays out referral fees!

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  • Event Ticketing Revenue

    Artists, creators and networkers are connected with events and event planners all the time. Why not refer these events to our ticketing site and earn residual income for every ticket sold. No aggressive selling, just tap into the networks you're comfortable with and it will grow!

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  • Pre-paid Legal Services

    As a LegalShield associate, we can connect you with an affordable pre-paid legal package for your personal & business affairs for less than $60 per month! From contract reviews to legal consultations, this adds an inexpensive and invaluable legal resource to protect your family and safeguard your talent business. Network referral income opportunity is also available.

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  • Real Estate Referral Income

    Imagine being able to earn passive income simply by referring real estate deals to trusted professionals in our network. Whether it's helping a friend find their dream home, connecting a colleague with a reliable agent, or assisting an investor in locating lucrative properties, your referrals can lead to substantial financial rewards.

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  • Consulting & Business Management

    In a world where talent is abundant but opportunities are often hidden, it's crucial for artists to become savvy deal makers and shakers. Whether it's forging partnerships with brands, collaborating with fellow artists, or discovering untapped markets for your network, the possibilities are endless. But it takes more than just talent; it takes vision, strategy, and a willingness to seize the opportunities that others overlook. We can help you find them!

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